Let’s face it: As a parent or teacher, you’re always the one answering the tough questions! That’s why we thought it’s about time we answered some of yours. In this section, you will find a all those tricky questions that we often receive from the users in our Differ Maths family. If your question isn’t on this list, feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with the answers you need so that you can use Differ Maths to its full potential.

Do I have to subscribe immediately?

No, you don’t. There are 3 free activities that you can try out before choosing a subscription plan to get access to the rest of the activities.

Do I have to pay for any new activities that will be added in the future? 

Once you have subscribed, you will have access to ALL activities – both current and future activities. We will never ask you to pay extra for new activities!

Can I access Differ Maths on more than one device?

Yes! However, the device needs to be logged into the Google or Apple Account that you used to subscribe to Differ Maths.

Can I use my one subscription to access Differ Maths on both Apple and Android device?

Unfortunately not. Subscriptions aren’t supported across Apple and Android devices, so you will need to subscribe with both your Google and Apple accounts.

Can I use Differ Maths on my computer?

You can use an App Simulator program to use Differ Maths on your computer. However, we do not recommend it as some features may not work as they should.

How many worksheets can I create per month?

You can create as many as you like! With a Differ Maths subscription, the sky’s the limit.

How do I get access to the grey activities?

If some of the activities are grey, it means that you are using the free version. To access these activities, you have to subscribe. Click here to see our pricing plans.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Oh no! We would be sad to see you go. To cancel your subscription, you need to do it via your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store account. For more information, please visit the Google or Apple support pages.


Ready to change the way you lesson-plan forever? Differ Maths is available on the Apple and Google Stores. Be sure to check out our pricing guide to find the right option for you.